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Awol Vision ALR-F220C

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Awol Vision ALR-F220C

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Elevate home theater with AWOL Vision Motorized Floor Rising UST Ambient Light Rejection Screen. 120" vanish and rollable design complements ultra short throw projectors, rejecting 95% ambient light with HBSI ALR material, and offers 90% improved image quality compared to a Matte white screen in a light room. Unique lens microstructure minimizes ambient light interference, ensuring vivid visuals in any lighting. Patented remote control height adjustment simplifies setup. USB Synchronized Trigger syncs the screen with projector power. A sturdy base eliminates wall mounting, facilitating easy setup in minutes. Portable design allows indoor/outdoor use, while sound transmission material delivers 360-degree surround sound. 170-degree viewing angle ensures clear visuals from any spot. Redefine entertainment with AWOL Vision's ALR-F210C.

  • Vanish and Rollable Design:

    Design your favorite vanish and rollable home theater with AWOL Vision Motorized Floor Rising UST Ambient Light Rejection Screen, which appears and disappears at your command.

  • 90% Image Quality Improved: 

    AWOL Visions' rising ALR screen utilizes the Top premium HBSI ALR material. This modern, high-quality material can maintain vivid clarity without sacrificing contrast, offering an extra 50% gain enhancement compared to CBSP material.

  • 95% Ceiling Light Rejecting:

    When projecting images on a regular white wall or matte white screen, the "wash out" effect from ambient light can degrade the quality. The AWOL Vision ALR Screen addresses this with its special lens microstructure, minimizing ambient light interference by up to 95%. This ensures vivid colors and clear visuals even in lighting conditions.

  • Our Patented Remote Control Height Adjustment:

    Unlike other brands, no complex manual setup is needed. With a remote, our screen adjusts easily. After the initial setting, it rises automatically with your projector every time,

    Ditching the hassle of adjusting height with tools.

  • Syncs with Projector Power:

    The package includes a USB Synchronized Trigger, connecting to your projector's USB port. Watch in awe as the screen rises when your projector powers on and elegantly lowers when you power it off. Experience effortless coordination between your projector and motorized screen.

  • Easy Setup:

    There is no need for wall mounting and hole drilling because of the sturdy, free-standing base. It is very simple to set up and easy to move your home theatre equipment to any room you like, at any time you like, with a setup time of just minutes!

  • Moveable Home Theatre:

    Take your home theatre anywhere, anytime. Take it camping, to a friend's house, or the office. Use it in the conference room. Whether Indoors or outdoors, experience the visual magic of your 120" screen anywhere! 

  • Sound transmission design:

    The bottom of our projector screen is made of sound transmitting material. The sound can pass through the screen, giving you  the effect of 360 degree surround sound and a theatre like experience!

  • 170 degree ultra wide viewing angle:

    Wherever in the room that you are viewing, you'll get a  clear, bright quality picture.


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