Acer has once again delighted consumers with its latest device - the Acer S1286HN. This projector offers impressive display quality that is sure to enhance the quality of any presentation or movie night. With high resolution and bright images, the projector is perfectly suited for both professional and personal use.

The Acer S1286HN DLP projector not only provides good image quality, but also comes with a variety of useful features. From different connectivity options to long lamp life, this projector has been designed to meet all your needs. Whether you're conducting a business presentation or watching your favorite movie, the Acer S1286HN projector is sure to impress.

Key features:

-DLP technology provides vibrant, colorful images with deep blacks

-XGA resolution is ideal for spreadsheets and presentations

-20000:1 contrast adds depth to your images

-Ceiling mountable

-Very lightweight, just over 3kg

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