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    Following the success of the highly acclaimed Elipson Planet L, the French brand is now offering its famous ball-shaped speakers in miniature format: the Elipson Planet M. Any resemblance with the Elipson Planet L is obviously not coincidental, since the Elipson Planet M borrow their design and acoustic solutions.


    Much more compact, the Elipson Planet M speakers use a 10 cm diameter driver and consequently a closed load. There is no question of forcing such small speakers to go down into the bass. The decision was therefore made to limit them to the reproduction of the upper bass (up to 90 Hz). The use of a subwoofer is then strongly recommended, like the Elipson Planet sub specially developed for the occasion.


    Power rating : 60 watts

    Recommended power : 30 to 80 watts

    Closed charge



    1 x 10 cm 2-way coaxial with tweeter

    Paper diaphragm and fabric dome


    Bandwidth (+/- 3dB): 90 - 22000 Hz

    Impedance: 8 ohms

    Sensitivity: 88 dB



    Cut-off frequency: 2500 Hz

    Slope: 6-12 dB /octave

    Terminal block type: Single wire

    Terminal block finish: Silver plated

    Internal wiring: 99.99% OFC

    Table stands included

    Dimensions (d): 150 mm

    Weight: 1.7 kg (per unit)

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