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USB conference camera with 4K video and realistic sound. Perfectly suited for huddle rooms.

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USB conference camera with 4K video and realistic sound

The Aver VB342 possesses a powerful camera, microphones and loudspeakers. It was carefully designed to provide the most realistic conference experience. Perfectly suited for huddle rooms.

Clear focus with its 4K PTZ cameras extraordinary video quality

With this camera, there is no need to leave your office for face-to-face meetings, just the click of a button and everyone will be there. The 4K camera provides excellent resolution, colour balance, and detail so you can capture the expressions of all participants without distortion. Ultra-clear clarity is maintained even when moving, tilting and zooming in. Has a horizontal viewing area of 165°, vertical viewing area of 85°

Professional audio optimized for meetings

This device offers an optimized audio experience unlike any experience in a meeting space. Its two unidirectional microphones cover a range of 6 m, wide enough for any meeting room. Your stereo speaker offers 5W full range with a bass port. No matter how far away they all are, they will appear to be in the same room.

In addition, it is designed to facilitate access and maximise user experience. It is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, offering multiple connectivity and expansion options, echo cancellation, noise suppression and bringing the ultimate VC experience to a unified and accessible platform.



  • Sensor Sony Exmor RTM 4K CMOS de 1 / 2.5 "
  • Field of view: diagonal 94 °, horizontal 85 °, vertical 55 °
  • Minimum working distance: 80 cm
  • S / N ratio:> 50dB; 2D noise reduction
  • Digital zoom speed up to 4X using the 4K sensor
  • CameraSoundbar: 650 x 100 x 109.5mm / 2.133kg
  • Remote control: 150 x 45 x 10 mm / 0.040 kg
  • Microphones, 2 uni-directional microphones that allow reception in a range of 6 m
  • 5W full-range stereo speakers
  • Echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • Compatible with Zoom 

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